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Chris Palma (DJ Swift), the CEO of The Beatfreakz Events is a world famous DJ who has toured across the plain performing at some of the biggest venues from major Music Festivals in Miami to Elite Clubs in Beijing! Swifts unique style of combining Mixing, Turntablism, and live remixing on the fly is one of a kind experience for every event. He is always fully engaged with the crowds energy and reflects it back through precise music selections!


Coming from generations of DJ's and Musicians, Swift found his path early on at the age of 8 years old Djing school dances and tagging along with his Dad and eventually doing his 1st event by himself at the age of 10 and the rest is history... Many weddings, parties and school dances later, Swift got local residencies at places such as Mothers Tavern, The Library, Downtown Brew, Slo Brew, The Crooked Kilt and Navtive Lounge just to name a few. He soon after started traveling out of the city playing at all the biggest clubs in California and then off to world tours being sponsored by Heineken.

Along side from DJing, Swifts passion for making music and remixes lead him to becoming the CEO of one the biggest remix websites serving thousands of Dj's all over the world for the past 12 years - Swift also loves creating original music and has successfully landed many music placements in the TV and Film world! He is also apart of Band called "84hz" that him and his friend Ben Del Giorgio have been developing since they were young and produce their own originals and also perform all over the central coast for all types of events and wineries.

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